How to write a good essay in Mains ?

 * How to write a good essay in Mains ?

How to write good essay in UPSC ?

= Since it's a subjective paper, one must keep in mind two components:

* Components

  • Process
  • Content
Process includes how to write a good essay and content involves what to write in a good essay that is subject matter. Writing essay in a right way requires a multipronged strategy. One Must following points:
  1. Proper, simple and grammatically correct language must be used.
  2. Ordering of essay should be done. Essay has three parts introduction, Main body, and conclusion. All three are equally important. A good conclusion can fetch 10 to 20 more marks.
  3. Correct information with daily life experiences to give personal touch and uniqueness to the essay.
  4. Proper time management should be there . Each and every minute should be utilized. Time should be allotted to each section in a rational number.
  5. One should have a clear understanding of topic on which he is writing. Always stay close to the topic and avoid deviating from it.

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